June 28th, 2019

Thanks to months of work by a dedicated team including experts from all players across the payment industry, including a deep involvement from ISTIUM, nexostandards, the payment association working on facilitating payment acceptance, is seeing its efforts recognized as the new “Sale to POI protocol” has been approved and published by the ISO 20022 Registration Authority (RA) in June 2019. 

The new protocol, called “Sale to POI exchanges” (codified casp) covers the messages exchanged between a sale terminal, also called “merchant system” or “Sale system”, typically a cash register, and a POI system, or Point of Interaction, or acceptance system, most often a payment terminal either physical or virtual. The protocol brings interoperability to a wide diversity of payment situations, including physical commerce in large and small stores as well as online payments. Cross channel customer journeys are facilitated as the Sale to POI protocol addresses all steps in a transaction process and takes into account multiple payment means: credit and debit cards, mobile payment, cash, loyalty, instant payments, direct debit, mobile money, etc.

The Sale to POI protocol targets developers of sale systems and payment terminals, regardless whether these functions are performed in physical commerce or online. By implementing the Sale to POI protocol, they will ensure they provide a more standardized, more interoperable environment to their customers. Several key players in the industry have already started implementing the ISO 20022 Sale to POI protocol.

The recognition by ISO 20022 of the nexo protocol is the completion of a two-year process that has seen stakeholders from across the industry work together to develop the new communication protocol. The nexo team has decided to use new technologies including XML and JSON, in compliance with the rules set by ISO 20022.

ISTIUM has been involved in the project for over 18 months and has been instrumental in the protocol design and development. ISTIUM has especially been in charge of designing the new V4 protocol based on the existing V3 legacy one and writing the numerous documents that take part in the protocol and ensure its consistency. 


The recognition by the ISO 20022 committee brings a successful conclusion to the work undertaken by nexo several months ago. In addition, this new version V4 of the Sale to POI protocol will bring better consistency with the olther ISO 20022 protocols. Sale to POI protocol is, at the same time, very easy to implement in simple environments and rich enough to be adopted in complex configurations.

Robert Fargier
ISO 20022
ISO 20022

ISO 20022 is an International Standard prepared by ISO Technical Committee TC 68 Financial Services that aims at providing a single standardization approach (methodology, process, repository) to be used by all financial standard initiatives.


nexo-standards is an open, global association dedicated to removing the barriers present in today’s fragmented global card payment acceptance ecosystem. Headquartered in Brussels, its members represent the full spectrum of card payments stakeholders, including acceptors, processors, card schemes, payment service providers and vendors.